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Contatta Romolini Immobiliare

Our staff


► CEO and founder
► Italian and English speaking

Born in Umbria, Riccardo spent his childhood in a small village in Tuscany, maturing a deep interest for the history of his country, soon converted into a strong passion for architecture, art and antiques. Riccardo began his career as a real estate agent addressing, since the very beginning, his interest to old properties. Having attended the course for Real Estate agents run by the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo, he took the final exam, and passed with the top marks, first in the list within the whole district of Arezzo. In 2004, with his wife Marta, he founded his own agency, Romolini Immobiliare by choosing as seat the beautiful medieval town of Anghiari. Married and father of three children, Riccardo is estimated by his clients for his professionalism, deep knowledge of the international real estate market, as well as for his diplomacy that led him, over the years, to many excellent results.




► Negotiations and Contracts
► Italian and English speaking

Marta was born in Umbria and grew up in Tuscany. After a scientific high school degree, she got a university master degree in Philosophy. In 2002 joined her husband Riccardo in the real estate business and, together with him, founded, in 2004, Romolini Immobiliare.

Married and mother of three children, Marta is a very determined person with a very good knowledge of the Italian property market. Thanks to her scholastic career as well as to her long experience in real estate, Marta has a very strong problem-solving approach to her business.




► Secretary
► Italian, English, French and German speaking

Born in Umbria and grew up in Tuscany, Anna has a linguistic high school degree and succeeded in obtaining a university degree in Economics at the prestigious University of Siena. She joined Romolini Immobiliare in 2005 bringing her good knowledge of languages. Thanks to her positive attitude and her strong dedication, she grew a lot in business throughout the years. Anna is now a very professional agent, trusted to be very patient in listening to the clients' needs and providing them with prompt tailored service.




► Collaborator, professional estate agent
► Italian and English speaking

Gionatan is a long time Umbrian resident who matured a deep knowledge of the neighboring Tuscan territory throughout the years. After an Economics high school degree, he attended the school for real estate agents becoming a licensed broker. After six years in the real estate industry, he joined Romolini Immobiliare in 2006 bringing a wealth of experience in the property market. Gionatan is a very professional estate agent and he is trusted by his colleagues and clients for his seriousness as well as for the strong dedication and the passion for his job. He is fluent in written and spoken Italian and English.




► Collaborator, professional estate agent
► Italian and English speaking

Born and raised in Umbria, after the technical high school degree, Federico decided to embark on a career as a real estate agent by attending the course and brilliantly passing the final exam. In 2015 he started his adventure with Romolini Immobiliare, entering the team and quickly gaining appraisal from both the colleagues and the clients for his professionalism and passion.




► Freelancer web designer and marketing

Based in UK, he promotes properties located in various countries. He is web-designer and owner of numerous real estate portals for properties located around the world. He is linked to Romolini Immobiliare by a long-term business cooperation as well as by a friendship relationship.


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