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Contatta Romolini Immobiliare

Internet presence

With a global clientele, potential buyers for properties in Italy often reside thousands of kilometers away. Nevertheless, thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, we are able to provide a comprehensive service to buyers and sellers, regardless of their location.


We offers an exclusive showcase where properties for sale can be admired and easily analyzed. Our platform is made up of a main website ( which feeds to four servers located in four different countries (Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Russia).On these local language version sites our content goes far beyond providing simple translation.


In addition to these branded properties, we have developed three, proprietary thematic portals, each focused on different types of properties and offering further visibility to our extensive portfolio.


The objective of our digital content is to always provide our clients with the most accurate property descriptions possible, while never sacrificing simplicity and ease of access, so that all potential buyers may have a comprehensive understanding f the properties they are examining.


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