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Contatta Romolini Immobiliare

Professional photo shoot

To better promote a property, giving it the right exposure and highlighting its most typical traits, Romolini Immobiliare offers a professional photo shoot realized with high-quality equipment. We strongly believe that images are the main elements the choice of a buyer sits on, something he can “always take with him” to have his dream home before his eyes, even after a visit. The photo shoot offered by Romolini Immobiliare covers both the exterior and interior of the property, accenting its colors and lights for an optimal presentation of the property which will then remain imprinted in our client’s mind.

Still on the “artistic” side of our field, our agency offers the possibility of filming an aerial video of the property for our YouTube channel, for a real 360-degree presentation of your property which will then be able to express its full potential thanks to the use of professional equipment capable of capturing every single detail and making a potential buyer fall in love.


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